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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import re
import time

import six
from import Yosemite
from airtest.core.error import AirtestError
from airtest.utils.logger import get_logger
from airtest.utils.nbsp import NonBlockingStreamReader
from airtest.utils.snippet import on_method_ready
LOGGING = get_logger(__name__)

[docs]class Recorder(Yosemite): """Screen recorder""" def __init__(self, adb): super(Recorder, self).__init__(adb) self.recording_proc = None self.recording_file = None
[docs] @on_method_ready('install_or_upgrade') def start_recording(self, max_time=1800, bit_rate=None, vertical=None): """ Start screen recording Args: max_time: maximum rate value, default is 1800 bit_rate: bit rate value, default is None vertical: vertical parameters, default is None Raises: RuntimeError: if any error occurs while setup the recording Returns: None if recording did not start, otherwise True """ p = self.adb.start_shell('am broadcast -a YOSEMITE_SCREENRECORD_START') return True
[docs] @on_method_ready('install_or_upgrade') def stop_recording(self, output="screen.mp4", is_interrupted=False): """ Stop screen recording Args: output: default file is `screen.mp4` is_interrupted: True or False. Stop only, no pulling recorded file from device. Raises: AirtestError: if recording was not started before Returns: None """ p = self.adb.start_shell('am broadcast -a YOSEMITE_SCREENRECORD_STOP ') time.sleep(5) self.adb.pull('mnt/sdcard/' + self.adb.get_model() + '_test.mp4', output) return True
[docs] @on_method_ready('install_or_upgrade') def pull_last_recording_file(self, output='screen.mp4'): """ Pull the latest recording file from device. Error raises if no recording files on device. Args: output: default file is `screen.mp4` """ recording_file = 'mnt/sdcard/test.mp4' self.adb.pull(recording_file, output)