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from .constant import YOSEMITE_APK, YOSEMITE_PACKAGE
from airtest.utils.snippet import on_method_ready
from airtest.utils.apkparser import APK
from airtest.utils.logger import get_logger
LOGGING = get_logger(__name__)

[docs]class Yosemite(object): """Wrapper class of Yosemite.apk, used by javacap/recorder/yosemite_ime.""" def __init__(self, adb): self.adb = adb
[docs] def install_or_upgrade(self): """ Install or update the Yosemite.apk file on the device Returns: None """ self._install_apk_upgrade(YOSEMITE_APK, YOSEMITE_PACKAGE)
def _install_apk_upgrade(self, apk_path, package): """ Install or update the `.apk` file on the device Args: apk_path: full path `.apk` file package: package name Returns: None """ apk_version = int(APK(apk_path).androidversion_code) installed_version = self.adb.get_package_version(package)"local version code is {}, installed version code is {}".format(apk_version, installed_version)) if installed_version is None or apk_version > int(installed_version): self.adb.install_app(apk_path, replace=True, install_options=["-t", "-g"])
[docs] @on_method_ready('install_or_upgrade') def get_ready(self): pass
[docs] def uninstall(self): """ Uninstall `Yosemite.apk` application from the device Returns: None """ self.adb.uninstall_app(YOSEMITE_PACKAGE)