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Currently we are compatible with most Android phones (2.3 <= Android <= 11) on the market, and a few special Android tablets and devices.

  • If you encounter problems during the connection, please refer to the device settings of this document according to the different mobile phone manufacturers: Some manufacturer’s device special problems

  • For MIUI 11 or above of Xiaomi mobile phone, please use cap_method=JAVACAP mode to connect to the phone

目前我们兼容市面上绝大多数的Android手机(2.3 <= Android <= 11),和少数特殊Android平板和设备。

  • 如果在连接中遇到问题,请根据手机厂商的不同,查看此文档的设备设置:部分厂商设备特殊问题

  • 小米手机的MIUI 11 以上版本,请使用cap_method=JAVACAP模式连接手机

Android Emulator 模拟器

The following emulators have been verified, Android Emulator Connection Guidelines




According to iOS-Tagent document, the current support situation:


xcode iOS
<= 11.5 <=13.5